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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to make comparisons with irregular Spanish comparative adjectives – ones that do not follow the usual comparative rules. Unfortunately when learning Spanish you have to be ready to encounter moments when an irregularity to the usual rule rears its ugly head. This is certainly not uncommon and should be viewed as a challenge to make us stronger. However, it is a little frustrating for sure when you learn well specific Spanish grammar structures only to then hear that there are exceptions to the rule. The key grammar structures we have learned and will learn in future Spanish lessons are true the vast majority of the time, but there are times when you will have to remember individual irregularities that follow no rules whatsoever. Be patient with this and concentrate on the main grammar structures first. With time and practice you will remember all of the little intricacies as well. Here we look at how to say something is “better”, “worse”, “older”, “bigger”, “younger” or “smaller” in Spanish.

Lesson notes:

Mejor: Better
Peor: Worse
Mayor: Older / Bigger
Menor: Younger / Smaller

El coche es mejor que el autobús: The car is better than the bus.
Los coches son mejores que los autobuses: Cars are better than buses.
La bicicleta es mejor que el autobús: The bicycle is better than the bus.
Las bicicletas son mejores que los autobuses: Bicycles are better than buses.
El coche es peor que el avión: The car is worse than the plane.
Los coches son peores que los aviones: Cars are worse than planes.
La bicicleta es peor que el avión: The bicycle is worse than the plane.
Las bicicletas son peores que los aviones: Bicycles are worse than planes.
El avión es mayor que el coche: The plane is bigger than the car.
Los aviones son mayores que los coches: Planes are bigger than cars.
La bicicleta es menor que el coche: The bicycle is smaller than the car.
Las bicicletas son menores que los coches: Bicycles are smaller than cars.
Ana es mayor que Pedro: Ana is older than Pedro.
Ana y Sonia son mayores que Pedro: Ana and Sonia are older than Pedro.
Pedro es menor que Ana: Pedro is younger than Ana.
Pedro y Lola son menores que Ana: Pedro and Lola are younger than Ana.


Translate the following…

Cars are better than bicycles.
Ships are bigger than cars.
The bus is worse than the train.
Cars are smaller than buses.
María is younger than Lucía.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Los coches son más caros que las bicicletas.
Las bicicletas son más baratas que los coches.
El autobús es menos cómodo que el tren.
Los barcos son más lentos que los aviones.
La bicicleta es más ecológica que el avión.

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