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In this Spanish lesson we will see some useful Spanish vocabulary and expressions to help you manage at the doctor’s in Spanish. This is the fourth and final video lesson in this series about how to manage at the doctor’s in Spanish. In the previous lessons we looked at Spanish vocabulary related to illnesses, symptoms and medicine and how to describe how you feel in Spanish, conjugating the verb “to hurt” in Spanish (el verbo “doler”), how to describe pain in Spanish and exactly where you are feeling pain in your body with sentences such as: “Me duele la cabeza” (My head hurts) and “Tengo dolor de cabeza” (I have a headache) and useful vocabulary related to the parts of the body in Spanish. I recommend that you review those lessons before proceeding. This subject matter really important for anyone travelling to Spain or Latin America. You never know when you might fall ill and need to describe the pain you are feeling in certain parts of the body. It is vital to learn and remember lots of Spanish vocabulary as well as Spanish grammar and Spanish expressions. You cannot get by with only grammar for example and neither can you get by with only vocabulary. You should try to learn a wide range of key words and structures that you can then apply to any situation you find yourself in.

Lesson notes:

Médico/a: doctor
Doctor / Doctora : doctor + (name)
Pediatra: paediatrician
Enfermero/a: nurse
Centro de salud: health centre
Hospital: hospital
Consulta: doctor´s surgery
¿Dónde está la consulta del doctor ……?: Where is doctor ……´s surgery?
¿Quién es el último?: Who is last in the queue?
Yo: Me
¿Qué te pasa?: what is wrong? (friendly)
¿Qué le pasa?: what is wrong? (formal)
Me duele/n ….: it hurts/they hurt
Tengo dolor de…: I have a (headache,sorethroat…)
Tiene que tomar estas pastillas: you have to take these tablets
Debe tomar estas pastillas: you must take these tablets


Complete the gaps in this conversation at the doctor’s:

Médico ¿Qué le ………..?
Antonio ….. ……… la rodilla.
Médico ¿Juega al fútbol normalmente?
Antonio Sí, todos …….. días.
Médico Bueno, es una torcedura. Tiene que poner esta pomada en su …………. todos los días
durante dos semanas. También tiene que ……… fútbol menos.
Antonio Vale, doctor. Muchas gracias.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Tengo tos
Tengo gripe

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