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Spanish singer Rosana is a singer-songwriter with an incredibly emotional voice and an amazing talent for composing beautiful songs on her acoustic guitar that tug at the heart strings one minute and make you feel like punching the air in delight the next. Rosana Arbello was born on October 24th 1963 on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, the youngest of a family of eight children.

Rosana began composing music after moving to Madrid in the early 1980s. She won first place in Benidorm’s music festival with her song “Fuego y Miel,” which led to her winning a recording contract with MCA. The debut album by Rosana: “Lunas Rotas”, was released in 1996. The soundtrack for the 1996 movie “Curdled” featured her songs “Lunas Rotas” and, big Rosana hit and fan fav, “El Talismán,” exposing her to an international audience. The next album by Rosana: “Luna Nueva”, was released in 1998, followed by “Rosana” in 2001. Of these three albums the most notable tracks in my opinion would have to be: “El Talisman”, “A Fuego Lento”, “No Se Mañana”, “Si tu no estás” and “Contigo” and the album I would recommend for any Rosana newbies is “Lunas Rotas” which is undeniably brilliant. I have played every song to death!

Rosana then took a bit of a break from composing full albums until the next album by Rosana: “Magia”, was released in 2005. This is one of my favourite of Rosana’s albums and a definite return to form after the slightly dissapointing self titled album of 2001. The title track “Magia” is sublime Rosana, “Soñaré” a real foot stomping feel good number and “Aquel Corazon” a wonderfully emotional slow burner. Rosana then followed up in 2009 with Rosana: “A las buenas y a las malas”, which featured the lead single “Llegaremos a tiempo”. “Llegaremos a tiempo” is a beautiful classic Rosana track that had me rushing out to buy the album and, although there are lots of really really good songs on this album, it didn’t and still doesn’t grab me as much as “Lunas Rotas” and “Magia”.

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Llegaremos A Tiempo
El Talisman

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