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Spanish Music: El Canto del Loco

Spanish band El Canto del Loco from Madrid were formed in 1994 by Dani Martín and Ivan Ganchegui (who left the group in 2002). The regular line-up is singer Dani Martín, guitarist and backing vocalist David Otero, bass player Chema Ruiz and drummer Carlos Gamón. They are an energetic and hugely popular pop rock band that have the wonderful knack of creating ultra catchy choruses that stick on your head forever. Dani Martín has also done a fair bit of acting, appearing in many Spanish films and TV series. He featured most prominently in the Spanish film “Yo soy la Juani” and also in the TV series “Cuenta atrás” and “Los hombre de Paco”.

With five studio albums, El Canto del Loco sold more than a million albums, making them one of the most successful bands on the Spanish music scene. In 2005 they won Best Spanish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Lead singer Dani Martín and guitarist David Otero have both gone on to make solo records. David Otero emerged under the name of “El Pescao” (The fish) and released his album “Nada-lógico” towards the end of 2010, with the lead single: “Castillo de Arena” (Sand Castle). At around the same time, Dani Martín’s first solo album: “Pequeño” hit the shops and became an instant success, with the singles: “16 añitos”, “Mira la vida”, “Mi lamento” played all over the radio and TV. “Pequeño” was a mature and refined album than reflected a lot on “Life” and its myteries and showed singer Dani Martín to be much much more than the poppy rocky pin up boy of Spanish music. All of the songs were really strong and the album was a refreshing and definitive success.

El Canto del Loco’s first six studio albums were “El Canto del Loco” (2000), “A contracorriente” (2002), “Estados de ánimo” (2003), “Zapatillas” (2005), “Personas” (2008) and “Por mí y por todos mis compañeros” (2009). “A contracorriente”, “Estados de ánimo”, “Zapatillas” and “Personas” all went to number one in the Spanish album charts. Best known songs from the El Canto Del Loco repertoire include “A Contracorriente”, “Ya Nada Volverá A Ser Como Antes”, “Insoportable”, “Zapatillas”, “Volverá”, “Besos”, “Eres tonto” and “Peter Pan”. These El Canto del Loco singles all went to number one in the Spanish music charts.

Watch some El Canto del Loco videos with lyrics:

Eres tonto
A contracorriente

Get the albums:



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