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What’s that word in Spanish?! Spanish dictionary: Kitchen / Cocina

How many times have you uttered that terrible sentence: “What’s that word in Spanish”?! It is so frustrating when the words don’t pop into your head when you want them to and for this reason I am posting this new Spanish dictionary / Spanish vocabulary course: I want to give you new words every day that are useful and easy to remember. Today’s video lesson is at beginner level about the kitchen cocina and shows you how to correctly pronounce the word in Spanish for “saucepan”, “cutlery”, “teapot”, “microwave” and much, much more. A Spanish dictionary is an essential tool for the Spanish language student, but these lessons give you so much extra as you have the chance to practice your pronunciation along with a native speaker. Tip: When I was learning the kitchen cocina vocabulary in English I stuck sticky labels up all over my kitchen cocina labeling all of the items in English. This way whenever I opened the fridge, pulled out a pan or turned on the kettle I saw the vocabulary. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 70 Beginner Level The kitchen

Listen and repeat the following words:

La cafetera: coffeepot, coffee maker
La tetera: teapot
La tostadora: toaster
La taza: cup
El plato: plate
El vaso: glass
La sartén: frying pan
La cazuela: casserole dish
La olla: pot
La cacerola: saucepan
La vajilla: crockery
Los cubiertos: cutlery
La cuchara: spoon
El tenedor: fork
El cuchillo: knife
La cucharilla: teaspoon
El horno: oven
El hervidor: kettle
El microondas: microwave
El salero: salt shaker
El molinillo de pimienta: pepper mill
El Escurridero: draining board
El fregadero: kitchen sink

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  1. nice one.. It will really help me with my spanish (I’m actually a cook)


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