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Spanish TV: Sin tetas no hay paraíso

Watch full episodes of Sin tetas no hay paraíso here on the Telecinco website

Sin tetas no hay paraíso website

Sin tetas no hay paraíso is a Spanish TV series produced by Grundy Television for the Spanish network Telecinco. It is an adaptation of the original Columbian format of the same name, based on the novel by Gustavo Bolivar. The series premiered on January 9th 2008 and became an instant, if controversial, success. There are some notable differences between the Colombian and Spanish TV versions. The Colombian version is much more gritty and realistic with the main characters motivated exclusively by money and greed, without the love element incorporated in the Spanish TV version. The social environment of the Spanish TV show is largely middle class, whereas the Colombian show uses a more marginal environment.

The main stars of the first Spanish TV series were Rafael “El Duque” Duque and his girlfriend Catalina Marcos. Cata is 17 and lives with her mother and brother in Madrid and is a good student and daughter. She has a complex, however, with her flat chest and is desperate to have breast augmentation. She falls in love with “El Duque” who is an old friend of her brother Jesús and one of the nation’s leading drug traffickers. He lives in a huge house, drives flash cars and is surrounded by his henchmen and a circle of high class call girls. Cata quickly becomes involved in the world of prostitution, guns and drugs and her family is not impressed. She melts the heart of “El Duque” and we start to see the softer side of the rogue.

The first season was a massive success and the second season followed on in September 2008. The third season of the series was shown the following year and featured many new characters and surprises. Undoubtedly the biggest star of the whole show was Miguel Angel Silvestre as Rafael “El Duque” Duque, but other key players included Amaia Salamanca as Catalina Marcos, María Castro as Jéssica del Río, Thaïs Blume as Cristina Calleja and Xenia Tostado as Vanessa Suárez. Some great acting is seen by María Castro who went on to feature in other big production Spanish TV series such as “Tierra de lobos” and “El Duque” became the poster boy of the walls of teenage girls all over Spain. The series received huge criticism for its “glorification” of criminal activities and its immoral depiction of modern Spain.


  1. is this available with english subtitles

  2. Good Evening,

    I have a question regarding a Spanish grammar rule that I cam across. Is it true that pronouns are usually dropped in Spanish? For instance, we say “Voy al hotel” instead of “Yo voy al hotel.” Does this rule always apply, or are there exceptions?

    I will be very thankful for your response.


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