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Los misterios de Laura website

Los misterios de Laura is a modern Spanish TV crime series broadcast by RTVE and produced by Ida y Vuelta Producciones. The first series aired on Monday July 27 2009 in Spain and attracted a large audience. The series continues in the tradition of Colombo, incorporating elements of the mystery novels by Agatha Christie.

Each episode is interspersed with asides into the personal and emotional life of the protagonist, Laura del Bosque, an innocent and intuitive woman who has the ability to sniff and suss out impossible crimes and perfect alibis. The series ended its first season on August 31, 2009, with an average of 2,200,000 viewers and a 16% share, which allowed its renewal for a second season.

Leading characters include María Pujalte as Laura Lebrel del Bosque, Fernando Guillén Cuervo as Jacobo Salgado Sexto, Oriol Tarrasón as Martín Maresca, César Camino as Vicente Cuevas and Laura Pamplona as Lydia Martínez. The six episodes in the first season were El misterio de la habitación sellada, El misterio del vecindario perfecto, El misterio de la coartada perfecta, El misterio de la escena del crímen, El misterio del loro azul and El misterio del cadáver anunciado.

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