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Los hombres de Paco is a Spanish TV series produced by Globomedia and broadcast on Spanish TV channel Antena 3. This Spanish police show started in 2005 and focuses on the diverse stories, professional and personal, of a group of agents. The series was created by Daniel Ecija and Álex Pina (also of “Los Serrano”) and was the first comedy series based on the national Spanish police force. The series centres on the character of Paco Miranda and his family and friends in the San Antonio police department. This is not your run of the mill police drama, but rather a comic and dramatic tour de force of loveable, if sometimes slightly over the top, characters.

Police Inspector Francisco ‘Paco’ Miranda divorced after his wife suffered a nervous breakdown and deep depression following their daughter Sara’s near death experience. Paco remains devoted to his ex-wife and hopes she will come back to him when she is ready. Paco is a genuinely good man, if a bit accident prone and bumbling at times. He has a tendency to lead with his heart rather than his head, which almost cost him his badge quite a few times. At a particularly low point in his life, he put together a list of his key problems and vowed to check them off one by one. Through this list, he repairs his relationship with his wife, his daughter and reconnects with his little sister, Pepa, after previously blaming her for their parents´ divorce 11 years ago.

Los hombres de Paco was an unexpected ratings success in its first season, with an average Spanish TV audience of around 18% share and 3 million viewers. The second season of the series premiered on Antena 3 prime time on Thursdays, from February 9, 2006, breaking its own record audience at that time. In 2007 the show drew more attention when it introduced the character of Pepa Miranda (Paco’s estranged sister) and her controversial possible lesbian romance with series regular Silvia Castro (Paco’s sister-in-law). The fifth season premiered on television on January 8, 2008 with a share of 24% and over 4 million viewers. On April 2, 2010, however, Antena 3 reported the non-renewal of the series due to its serious drop in share. Thus, this once hugely successful and critically acclaimed Spanish police show ended on May 19, 2010, after 117 episodes.

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