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DEC, formerly known as “¿Dónde estás corazón?”, is a Spanish TV talk show devoted to celebrity current affairs and gossip. It is a major player in the Spanish “Prensa Rosa”/”Corazón” school of TV journalism which is the Spanish equivilant of tabloid newspapers or celebrity gossip magazines in television format. It is produced by Crystal Productions and broadcast on the Spanish TV station Antena 3. The programme first aired on May 2, 2003, as a special devoted to analysing the evolution of gossip magazines in Spain in the last decade and has since been broadcast consistently at prime time on Friday evenings.

DEC is presented by Jaime Cantizano with a fixed team of five corazón journalist commentators: María Patiño, Antonio Montero, Chelo García Cortés, Gustavo González and Gema López. There are also ad hoc collaborations from Rosa Villacastín, Jesús Mariñas and Antonio Rossi. During the summer of 2009 the program included weekly collaboration from comic duo Los Morancos. These were replaced by the famous impersonator Carlos Latre in September 2009. Each issue of DEC features interviews with famous Spanish personalities and specific debates, usually also centred on the life and times of a popular Latin celebrity. Occasional special issues of the programme are delivered on the occasion of important events, such as the death of Rocio Jurado or the announcement of the temporary cessation of marital cohabitation of the Duques de Lugo.

Spanish Prensa Rosa guests are always very colorful and with Spanish Corazón TV shows there is guaranteed gossip aplenty. Spanish TV audiences have a love of juicy gossip and can’t get enough of it! In ¿Dónde estás corazón?´s first four years the programme garnered an average audience of 2.314 million viewers and a 23.7% audience share. The most-watched edition of the programme was on October 29, 2004, with 3.428 million viewers watching guests singer Alaska and former television presenter Eva Nasarre. However, with the arrival of Telecinco’s similarly themed “Sálveme” in 2009, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, DEC lost a huge amount of viewers and had to settle for second place in the Spanish corazón stakes for the first time in years.

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