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Callejeros is a Spanish reality documentary series first broadcast on Spanish TV channel Cuatro in November 2005. The program consists of a reporter and a cameraman interviewing Joe Public on the streets of different towns and cities throughout Spain. It casts a very interesting and honest picture of how Spain really is and spawned a similar spin-off series called “Callejeros Viajeros”. The word “Callejeros” means, more or less, “Street Wanderers” in English.

This Spanish reality documentary does not flinch from covering sensitive topics such as accidents, traffic controls, drug use, poverty and violence. Callejeros has attracted lots of controversy and at times has been harshly criticised for its honesty. The criticism didn’t stop other Spanish TV shows copying a similar format and delving deep into the Spanish underworld. Journalists who have participated in the program include: Beatriz Díaz, Nacho Medina, Alejandra Andrade, Sonia López, David Moreno, Jalis de la Serna, José Miguel Almagro, Noemí Redondo, Marisa Fernández, Víctor Cerdán, Tábata Peregrín y Lucía Pérez Valero.

The third season of this Spanish TV show ended abruptly due to problems between the chain and ex-producer Mediapro. The 4th series began with a new producer, Paper Mills, established by the programme director Carolina Cubillo. Callejeros is famous for a few memorable scenes that have become big hits on YouTube. These include: “La chica con nata en el pelo”, “¡A robar carteras! ¡El niño este se come la crisis!”, “¡Te voy a decir una cosa, dos escopetas tengo!”, “Pues mira, vengo de tirarme a una prostituta” and “¡Te voy a decir una cosa que no te va a gustar!”

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