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Los Serrano is a Spanish television series produced by Globomedia and screened by the Spanish channel Telecinco between April 22, 2003 and July 17, 2008, for eight seasons. It followed the ins and outs and ups and downs of the Serrano family, who lived in the fictional suburb of Santa Justa, Ribera del Manzanares, Madrid. Right from the off, Los Serrano was consistently one of the most watched programmes on Spanish television and easily maintained its prime-time evening slot. In addition to public support, the series also received numerous awards, including Best Spanish series. One of the programme’s most popular actors, Fran Perea, sang the title tune, “1 más 1 son 7” and later tried his hand at being a pop star, with limited success it must be said.

Diego Serrano (Antonio Resines) is a widowed father of Marcos (Perea Fran), Guille (Victor Elias) and Curro (Jorge Jury). Lucia (Belen Rueda) is a separated mother of two daughters: Eva (Verónica Sánchez) and Tete (Natalia Sanchez). These two completely different families end up living under the same roof when Diego and Lucia to marry. Santiago Serrano (Jesus Bonilla) is the older brother of Diego and co-owner of the family run ‘Serrano Brothers’ tavern. There we usually find Fiti Martínez (Antonio Molero) drinking a caña. Fiti is Diego’s best friend and is married to Candela (Nuria González), the best friend of Lucia. They are the parents of Raul (Alejo Sauras) who is also the best friend of Marcos. Various other supporting characters complete the patterns of daily life.

This Spanish soap opera featured some pretty decent acting and humourous storylines during the course of its eight seasons, but many of its devoted fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths after the controversial and thoroughly weird final 147th episode: “Desmontando a Diego”. This last chapter was reminiscent of Bobby’s shower scene in “Dallas” and saw Diego Serrano’s young son Curro enter a reformatory and Guille and Tete run off to Barcelona to live together as a couple. Dominant Patriarch, Diego Serano, was shown to be at a complete loss at the deravelling of his beloved family and decided to commit suicide. Hanging over a bridge he decided to talk to his dead wife Lucia, his last words being “I’ve done everything wrong, Lucia, everything ….” A white light gave way and we saw him waking up in his bed on his wedding night. Indeed, the entire series has been a dream. He then comes down to the kitchen and is greeted by a scene very similar to the first chapter of the series with almost all of the key players around the breakfast table. But don’t let this spoil you enjoyment of a largely very good Spanish television series!

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