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El Internado is an excellent Spanish television drama thriller which focuses on the students of a fictional boarding school called “La Laguna Negra”. The school is situated in a forest, far from the city and a succession of increasingly macabre events occur there.

El Internado is a production of Spanish channel Antena 3. The first series aired on 24 May 2007. The series proved incredibly successful and each new season was eagerly awaited by the Spanish viewing public. The first episode was titled “Los monstruos no hacen cosquillas”. There were six episodes in the first season.

El Internado won numerous awards including The Best Spanish Series at the “Premio Ondas 2007” and the “TP De Oro 2007”. “TP De Oro” is a Spanish award that has been given since 1973 and considered to be the most prestigious Spanish award for television. Amparo Baró who plays Jacinta García also picked up a “TP De Oro” award for Best Actress in 2008. Many of the younger actors and actresses also proved their worth, most notably perhaps Yon González who was wonderful as the edgy and permanently stroppy Iván.

Some of the show’s key characters include Héctor de la Vega – Luis Merlo, Jacinta García – Amparo Baró, Marcos Novoa Pazos – Martiño Rivas, Julia – Blanca Suárez, Carolina Leal – Ana Celia de Armas, Iván Noiret León – Yon González and Victoria Martínez González – Elena Furiase.

El Internado finished in 2010 after seven series and more twists and turns than spaghetti junction. Many of the main actors and actresses were quickly snapped up to star in other Antena 3 series such as Blanca Suárez in El Barco and Ana Celia de Armas in Hispania and the influence of El Internado can be clearly seen in numerous subsequent Spanish television drama series.

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