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Cuéntame Cómo Pasó, also known simply as Cuéntame, is a hugely popular Spanish television series set during the last years of Francoist rule and the transition to democracy in Spain. It has been broadcast by the Spanish public TV channel TVE1, since 2001. The series recounts the experiences of a middle class family from Madrid, the Alcántaras. Antonio (the father), Mercedes (the mother), Ines, Toni, Carlos and Maria, are the members of that family and they live with the grandmother, Herminia.

The series was created to celebrate the first 25 years since the transition and its didactic spirit is clearly evident in some of the episodes. It includes documentary interviews with historical figures of the era, such as those concerned by the assassination of the then Prime Minister Carrero Blanco or the death of Franco. From its first episode, broadcast on September 13, 2001, Cuéntame has reflected changes in Spain since 1968 and key moments in recent history such as the victory in the Eurovision song contest of the singer Massiel.

In December 2008, TVE and Ganga Group announced that Cuéntame Cómo Pasó, in its 10th season, had achieved such good viewing figures that it would be renewed for up to 3 more seasons, with the storyline moving firmly into the 80s and the “Movida madrileña”. The series, through situations, characters and attitudes of the era, with which the public who lived then could easily empathize, constitutes a wistful reminiscence of those times. It is also a really great way for the younger generation and foreigners to learn about one of the most fascinating periods in Spanish history.

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