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Águila Roja is a Spanish historical drama series set in Spain in the 17th century. It is produced by Globomedia for Spanish television and it premiered on RTVE1 on Thursday February 19th 2009 with the first episode drawing more than five million viewers. The first season finished on May 21, 2009 setting new records with almost a 30% audience share. It was the revelation of the season series and the most watched in Spain. Águila Roja is a series of adventures and intrigue dealing with the themes of courage, nobility, friendship and love, and is firmly aimed at good old fashioned family viewing.

The protagonist Gonzalo Montalvo, played by David Janer, is a common teacher by day and an unsung dark hero of justice known by the nickname “Águila Roja” (Red Eagle) by night. He helps the weak and is determined to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder of his young wife and avenge her death. His most obvious problem is the oppression imposed by the evil commissioner who serves a mysterious secret lodge that is conspiring to overthrow the king. No one but his faithful servant Satur (Javier Gutiérrez) and a mysterious monk know the true identity of Águila Roja, not even his only son, who feels a deep admiration for the mysterious character.

The second season premiered on January 7th 2010 with the novelty that the episodes were presented without commercial interruption on RTVE1. This season ended on April 8th 2010 breaking Spanish television box office records again with nearly 6 million viewers. At this point, Águila Roja was the most expensive Spanish series ever with a budget close to one million Euros and its great success has led to plans to make a Hollywood film version.

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