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Saber y Ganar is a Spanish televison quiz show presented by Jordi Hurtado and shown in the afternoons, Monday to Friday, on TVE2. It is the oldest Spanish quiz show on Spanish television. Saber y Ganar first began broadcasting on Feb 17th 1997 and peaked with over two and a half million viewers in 1998. On April 19th 2010 the show completed 3,000 programmes and maintains a very respectable 1.5 million viewers daily. It is regularly commented that the appearance of presenter Jordi Hurtado has not changed one iota in all that time.

Three contestants compete to correctly answer decidedly tricky general knowledge questions in various tests. These tests are “Cada sabio con su tema” (Each Genius On Their Subject), “La pregunta caliente” (The Hot Question), “El duelo” (The Duel), “Última llamada” (Last Call), “La calculadora humana” (The Human Calculator), “La parte por el todo” (The Part For Everything) and “El reto” (The Challenge). Winning contestants continue from one day to another, until they lose out in “The Challenge”. Occasionally one contestant manages to stay put for numerous weeks and each year the show places all of the best contestants from throughout the year together to fight for the title “The Magnificent”.

This special version of the Spanish quiz show is called “Los magnificos” and to qualify as a “Magnífico” a contestant must have won at least 7,000€. Usually these specials are dedicated to commemorate a specific important event of the year. For example, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart (2006), the centenary of the birth of Salvador Dalí (2004), the 4th centenary of the publication of Don Quixote (2005) and the bicentennial of the beginning of the War Independence (2008). To become a “Magnífico” is no mean feat. The questions on Saber y Ganar are far from easy and some call it the Spanish television quiz show to watch and realise how little you know.

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