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Informe Semanal is a Spanish news documentary programme that airs weekly on Spanish TV channel TVE1 and is one of the longest running programmes on Spanish TV. It first broadcast on March 31st, 1973 and has since delivered more than 6,000 reports. The original program was named “Semanal Informativo” and was created and directed by Pedro Erquicia. In 1974 it acquired the format which has remained, with only very slight variations, until now.

For the first time in the history of TVE, a Spanish news programme held the first places in the ranking of most popular shows above the entertainment shows. It is now one of three Spanish TV programmes which have been designated by the Academy of Television in Spain as the best in the history of Spanish TV and is currently the only one still broadcasting. It has also crossed borders and been marketed since 1997 in countries such as France, Portugal, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.

With 2.5 million faithful viewers for 30 years, the key to the success of this Spanish news programme is the quality of each episode. Informe Semanal has achieved the holy grail of any media: credibility. In its 30 years it has maintained the highest acceptance rates of any programme or group of television programmes in Spain. The care given to the visual treatment of each story is amazing. Only the very best photographers, film makers, editors and journalists are used and the result is consistently beautiful picture and sound. It is the most decorated programme in the history of Spanish TV with, amongst other awards, several Ondas, two silver medals at the Television Festival New York and the Academy Award for Best Television Programme.

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