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Pasapalabra is a very popular Spanish game show, broadcast from Monday to Friday on Spanish television channel Telecinco. It is based on the original British show: “The Alphabet Game”. In it, two contestants assisted by two celebrities try to earn seconds in several tests which eventually give them more time to answer all the questions of the final test, called “El Rosco”.

This Spanish game show began airing on Spanish television in 2000 on Antena 3. It was first presented by Silvia Jato, who was replaced by Jaime Cantizano. The biggest prize to be awarded at this stage was 2.19 million euros and this was the highest prize ever awarded by a Spanish game show. Audience figures however had a momentary blip and this led Antena 3 to make the decision to drop the programme. In 2007 Pasapalbra moved to rival Spanish television channel Telecinco and was presented by Christian Gálvez.

Italy, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Colombia and Argentina now have their own versions of the Spanish game show. It is still the contest that has awarded the greatest prize money on Spanish television and reports of big prize winners always make it on to the national news. This is one of those shows that has become part of the tapestry of Spanish life and this probably has a lot to do with the wonderful hosting of Christian Gálvez and the popular celebrity guest stars who partake. Pasapalabra was awarded the 2010 edition of the “Premios Ondas”.

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