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This is the second in my series of three free Spanish vocabulary video lessons about “The kitchen”. Repeat the Spanish words along with me to improve your pronunciation as you build vocabulary. I always provide the Spanish to English translations, but try not to become reliant on remembering the words only with their English translation. I know it’s easy to say and not so easy to put into practice, but try to think in Spanish and remember the Spanish words. This way your conversation will flow much better and you will get into good habits. One of the worst habits is to translate everything literally into your own language. I hope you like the free Spanish lessons available on my blog, I hope you are progressing well with your studies and, above all, are enjoying your Spanish! This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 71 Intermediate Level The kitchen

Listen and repeat the following words:

El abrelatas: can opener
El sacacorchos: corkscrew
El abrebotellas: bottle opener
La tabla para cortar: chopping board
La sartén china/El wok: wok
El colador: strainer, colander
El pela patatas: potato peeler
La batidora: mixer, blender
La olla a presión: pressure cooker
El rallador: grater
La cubitera: ice cube tray
La licuadora: juicer
El pasapurés: masher
La picadora: mincer
El embudo: funnel
Las tijeras de cocina: cooking scissors
El cucharón: ladle
La receta: recipe
La huevera: egg cup
El bol: bowl

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