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This is an advanced level Spanish video lesson about La cocina vocabulary – The kitchen. It features slightly more obscure vocabulary than the previous two videos in this series and for this reason I have called it “Advanced level Spanish”. There is nothing particularly difficult about the pronunciation of the words; it is just that you are less likely to use these words than the more common vocabulary featured in, for example, the beginner lesson. In this advanced level Spanish lesson we see the words in Spanish for “oven gloves”, cake mould” and “rolling pin”, amongst others. Tip: try calling out the Spanish names of all the items you use whilst cooking your next meal. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 72 Advanced Level The kitchen

Listen and repeat the following words:

El cuchillo para trinchar: carving knife
La vajilla de cerámica: ceramic crockery
La vaporera: steamer
El exprimidor: squeezer, juicer
La licuadora: blender, liquidizer
El tamiz: sieve
El batidor de alambre: whisk
El quemador del horno: oven burner
Quemadores de cocina: stove burners
Los guantes para horno: oven gloves
El delantal de cocina: kitchen apron
La procesadora de alimentos: food processor
El molde para repostería: cake mould
La espátula: spatula
El afilador de cuchillos: knife sharpener
El rodillo de cocina: rolling pin
El rebanador de queso: cheese cutter
La espumadera: skimmer, slotted spoon
El molinillo de café: coffee grinder
La batería de cocina: set of kitchen pots and pans
El módulo de cocina: kitchen unit

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