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English to Spanish vocabulary related to school. How to say in Spanish, for example: pen, pencil, rubber, homework, stapler, desk, etc. You can’t speak Spanish well without knowing a wide variety of vocabulary and this is one of the biggest problems for the Spanish language student who doesn’t live in a Spanish-speaking country. Learning how to speak Spanish properly takes time and patience. The best way to learn how to say in Spanish all the words you want is to practice 10 to 20 Spanish words every day. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 58 Beginner Level At school

Listen and repeat the following words:

La escuela: school
La clase: class
La mesa: table
La silla: chair
La ventana: window
El bolígrafo: pen
El lápiz: pencil
Los lápices de colores: coloured pencils
La goma: rubber, eraser
El diccionario: dictionary
El papel: paper
Las tijeras: scissors
La regla: ruler
El libro: book
El cuaderno: notebook
El estuche: pencil case
La tarea/Los deberes: homework
El asiento: seat
La papelera: wastepaper basket
La puerta: door
El reloj: clock
La pizarra: blackboard, whiteboard
La tiza: chalk

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