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Spanish words related to money

English to Spanish translation of various words related to money. Useful vocabulary presented in Spanish and in English as a video lesson to practice the pronunciation of the words with a native Spanish speaker. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 56 Intermediate Level Money matters

Listen and repeat the following words:

En efectivo: in cash
A plazos: on credit
En quiebra/bancarrota: bankrupt
La chequera/El talonario: check/cheque book
El cheque de viajero: traveller’s check/cheque
La cuenta conjunta: joint account
La cuenta de ahorros: savings account
La inversión: investment
Invertir: to invest
Los fondos: funds
El préstamo: loan
Solicitar un préstamo: to ask for a loan
La transferencia bancaria: bank transfer
El depósito: deposit
La hipoteca: mortgage
El tipo de interés: interest rate
El seguro: insurance
Revisar una cuenta: to audit an account
La cuenta bloqueada: blocked account
La carta de crédito: letter of credit
El estado de cuenta: account statement
El coche/carro blindado: armoured car
La caja de caudales/caja fuerte: safe


  1. Hola,
    I have written and recorded a Spanish video and mp3 course specifically about all the ins and out of Spanish pronunciation. You can find many free lessons from the course here on the website and for a small fee you can get the full course that will have you speaking like a native Spanish speaker in no time!

  2. I’m been trying to teach myself spanish for a week now. I’ve grown up around spanish all my life so I know a few words and stuff. I still find myself having a hard time pronouncing them right. I pronounce them like english words unless I hear CONSTANTLY how it sounds like “Coma estas?” “bien” “de natha” I know how to pronounce those its harder onces like “un bestio” “beso”

    How do I teach myself how to pronounce Spanish words CORRECTLY?
    [ I have no money for a teacher; internet is my only option right now.]


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