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This is the first in a series of three video lessons about musical instruments in Spanish. Have you ever wondered what the word for “keyboard”, “saxophone” or “harmonica” is in Spanish? Well, now you will find out! I hope these video lessons are useful and interesting to everyone and not just the budding musicians. I provide not only the correct Spanish translation, but also the correct pronunciation and you can repeat the words along with me as you watch the lesson. Tomorrow we will see more about musical instruments in Spanish at intermediate level and then the following day at advanced level. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 67 Beginner Level Musical instruments

Listen and repeat the following words:

La guitarra: guitar
La guitarra eléctrica: electric guitar
La cuerda: string
El bajo: bass guitar
El contrabajo: double bass
El tambor: drum
La batería: drums
Los palillos: drumsticks
El violín: violin
La flauta: flute
La armónica: harmonica
El teclado: keyboard
Las teclas: keys
La maraca: maraca
El piano: piano
El saxofón: saxophone
La trompeta: trumpet
El violonchelo: cello
La pandereta: tambourine

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