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Free online Spanish vocabulary video lesson: “La Playa”

One of the first places people usually head to when visiting Spain or Latin America is “La playa”: The Beach. There are some amazing beaches to discover and the sunshine is almost always on hand to warm up the waters. “La playa” is a great place to practice your foreign language skills as well. You might want to buy a cold drink or ice cream, ask the time, find out the way to the nearest restrooms or hire a surfboard or jet-ski. It is so useful to have some foreign language skills at hand and it will certainly help make your stay more pleasurable, as you impress the locals and make friends. I hope to provide you with the vital vocabulary in this series of three online Spanish video lessons about “La playa” at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. This lesson is part of the Spanish Vocabulary Course and all of the lessons in this course are available completely FREE.

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 65 Intermediate Level At the beach

Listen and repeat the following words:

El océano: ocean
La costa: coast
La orilla: shore
La palmera: palm tree
La brisa: breeze
La isla: island
La hielera/nevera: cooler, ice box
El coral: coral
El cangrejo: crab
Las gafas de natación: goggles
El salvavidas: life preserver, life vest
El socorrista: lifeguard
La lancha: motorboat
La silla plegable: folding chair
El castillo de arena: sandcastle
El pez: fish
Pescar: to fish
El tiburón: shark
El protector solar: sunscreen
La loción bronceadora: suntan lotion
El cubo/balde: bucket
La pala: spade
La moto de agua: jet-ski


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