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Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 48 Advanced Level Buildings


Listen and repeat the following words:

El rascacielos: skyscraper
La joyería: jeweller´s
La bolera: bowling alley
El videoclub: video store
La estación de bomberos: fire station
El edificio de oficinas: office block
El castillo: castle
El palacio: palace
El polígono industrial: industrial estate
El quiosco/kiosco: newsagent’s, newspaper kiosk
El quiosco/kiosco: bandstand
La bodega: wine shop
La bodega: winery
La prisión: prison
La tienda de electrodomésticos: electrical domestic appliance shop
La papelería: stationery store
La vivienda aislada: detached house
La vivienda pareada: semi-detached house
La vivienda adosada: terraced house


  1. Muy interesante. puedo aprender muchas palabras-srinivasan sundaram

  2. i like to speak spanish vocabulary so that, i will make an additional language to me , and pls my felow people i like the support that your in courage that your giving to us,pls help us in knowing language ,pls i prefr to star from basic spanish language. thanks 4 your support


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