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Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 31 Beginner Level Countries


Listen and repeat the following words:

América: America
Europa: Europe
África: Africa
Asia: Asia
España: Spain
Estados Unidos: United States of America
Gran Bretaña: Great Britain
Inglaterra: England
Irlanda: Ireland
Irlanda del Norte: Northern Ireland
Escocia: Scotland
Gales: Wales
Australia: Australia
Canadá: Canada
Rusia: Russia
Italia: Italy
Holanda: Holland
Alemania: Germany
Sudáfrica: South Africa
Cuba: Cuba
Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico
México: Mexico
Colombia: Colombia
Venezuela: Venezuela
Argentina: Argentina
Perú: Peru
Chile: Chile


  1. ¡Gracias!
    This is only the first video lesson on “countries” in a series of three. So don’t worry, your country will be covered soon, either tomorrow or the next day.

  2. halo!
    como esta uated?
    you r a great teacher and learning with u is fab.
    your this video is good but where is my country name?
    plzzz can u tell me how can i pronunce my country country name is pakistan.



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