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Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 8 Intermediate Level Parts Of The Body


Listen and repeat the following words:

(I will say “El” before the masculine nouns and “La” before the feminine nouns)

La frente: forehead
La mejilla: cheek
Los labios: lips
La lengua: tongue
Las cejas: eyebrows
Las pestañas: eyelashes
La barbilla: Chin
Las muelas: molars
La garganta: throat
La nuca: nape of the neck
Las uñas: fingernails
Los dedos: the fingers
El ombligo: belly button
La cintura: waist
Las caderas: hips
El tobillo: ankle
Las pantorrillas: calf
La piel: skin
La piel morena: dark skin
La piel blanca: fair skin


  1. ¡Muchas gracias Nathan! You are very kind. Saludos, Laura

  2. Hola profesora

    You probably hear this a lot no doubt (why is obvious), your videos taught by a native speaker have helped my language learning progression immensely, especially when it comes to the more colloquial expressions. Keep up the good work y Muchas Gracias =)


  3. ¡Muchas gracias for the appreciation! =)

  4. ¡Muchas gracias Umer!
    I appreciate your comments and am glad you are enjoying the course.
    Saludos, Laura

  5. Hi.

    Vocabulary can certainly be not learned without listening and that's the problem that I faced while learning Spanish. This and other such lessons have helped me improve enormously. Thanks for posting.



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