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Spanish Vocabulary Lesson 1 Beginner Level Animals


Listen and repeat the following words:

(I will say “El” before the masculine nouns and “La” before the feminine nouns)

El perro: dog
El gato: cat
El pájaro: bird
El caballo: horse
La vaca: cow
El cerdo: pig
El conejo: rabbit
El pez: fish
El mono: monkey
El león: lion
El tigre: tiger
El pato: duck
El elefante: elephant
El ratón: mouse
La rata: rat
El burro: donkey
El toro: bull
El pollo: chicken
La oveja: sheep
La cabra: goat
El pavo: turkey
La serpiente: snake
La mosca: fly
El oso: bear
La mariposa: butterfly
El mosquito: mosquito


  1. ¡Muchas gracias! Thank you very much for your comments. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying this Spanish vocabulary course. Saludos, Laura

  2. I love your online courses. They are really helping me with my classes in university, thank you very much!

  3. i enjoyed learning


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