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This is the third lesson in our analysis of Spanish “Linking words”. I hope you are getting the hang now of how to link words together. In this lesson we will look at another combination that gets linked in spoken Spanish.
When a word that ends in a consonant is followed by a word that begins with a vowel the final consonant is linked together with the initial vowel sound. 
Let´s practice together the pronunciation of some linking words which end with a consonant and start with a vowel. I will first say the two words separated and afterwards I will link the same words together as I would speak in regular conversation. 
If you would like to see the meaning of any words you are unsure of please see the lesson notes.

Listen and repeat:

El abuelo: the grandfather
Mis hermanos: my brothers
Sus amigos: his friends
Un italiano: an Italian
Amigos íntimos: close friends
Nariz enorme: huge nose
Tractor amarillo: yellow tractor
Señor enfadado: angry man
Hermanos y amigos: brothers and friends
Pequeños inventos: small inventions
Grandes escritores: great writers
Huevos escalfados: poached eggs
Patatas asadas: roasted potatoes
Muñecas enanas: tiny dolls
Manos unidas: joined hands
Animal herbívoro: herbivorous animal
Chalet adosado: detached house
Televisión española: Spanish TV
Deportes arriesgados: risky sports
Dibujos animados: cartoons

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