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Spanish Pronunciation – Lesson 52 – Spanish Intonation: Linking Words (Part 1)

In this lesson we are going to look at something that will help you to sound much more like a native Spanish speaker: how to join and correctly pronounce “Linking words”.
In spoken Spanish, when the last letter of one word is the same as the first letter of the next word, the two letters are joined together and pronounced as a single sound. 
Let´s practice the pronunciation of some linking words together. I will first say the two words separated and afterwards I will link the same words together as I would speak in regular conversation. 
If you would like to see the meaning of any words you are unsure of please see the lesson notes.

Listen and repeat:

¿Dónde está?: Where is it?
Mis sombreros: My hats
Va a Alicante: He goes to Alicante
Es sábado: It is Saturday
Con Nuria: With Nuria
Son naranjas: They are orange
Persona antipática: Unpleasant person
Estudiante español: Spanish student
Persona habladora: Chatty person
Hermano orgulloso: Proud brother
Cortinas sucias: Dirty curtains
Revista aburrida: Boring magazine
Pipas saladas: Salty seeds (sunflower seeds, popularly eaten in Spain)
Primos segundos: Second cousins
Sábana amarilla: Yellow sheet
Es sevillana: She is from Seville
Son novatos: They are inexperienced
Amigas sicilianas: Friends from Sicily
Libro olvidado: Forgotten book
Comer rapido: to eat fast


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