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A “Diphthong” is the name given to the combination of a strong vowel (A/E/O) and a weak vowel (I/U) or two weak vowels together forming a single syllable. 
In such instances you should pronounce both vowels clearly, but together in the same breath. An example of a Spanish diphthong is the “AI” combination in “bai-le” (dance) or the “UE” combination in “bue-no” (good). 
Let´s see some more examples of Spanish diphthongs.

Listen and repeat:

Aire: air
Laura: female name
Serio: serious
Siempre: always
Remedio: remedy
Rubio: blond
Suave: soft
Rueda: wheel
Puerro: leek
Ruido: noise
Abierto: open
Estudio: studio
Fuerte: strong
Puerto: port
Tierra: ground, earth
Siete: seven
Ciudad: city
Labio: lip
Canción: song
Europa: Europe

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