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It is important to know that the “O” sound is always distinct, even when unstressed.

By this I mean, for example with the word “solo” (only/alone): when you say “solo” there are two syllables “so” and “lo” and the “O” has the same pronunciation in both, even though the syllable “so” is the stressed syllable and the syllable “lo” is not.

A good tip to remember when pronouncing Spanish vowels is to be careful not to pronounce each vowel sound too long or add an extra vowel sound where it is unnecessary. This is a common error. For example I have heard people saying “No(u) entiendo(u)” (I don’t understand) when they should say “No entiendo”.

Now I will give you some examples of Spanish words featuring the letter “O” and I would like you to repeat each word after me paying attention to the distinct “O” sound. If you would like to see the meaning of any words you are unsure of please see the lesson notes.

Listen and repeat:

Poco: a little
Roto: broken
Pongo: I put
Como: how/like/I eat
Coco: coconut
Loco: crazy
Ocho: eight
Solo: alone/only
Tonto: silly
Oboe: oboe
Objeto: object
Soso: bland
Compro: I buy
Obeso: obese
Comprendo: I understand
Control: control
Amigo: friend
Sobrino: nephew
Objetivo: objective
Obsoleto: obsolete

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