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The Spanish “F” is pronounced in a similar way to the English “F” found in words such as “football” or “face”, although perhaps the Spanish “F” is a little softer.

The Spanish “F” sound is classified as an “Unvoiced Labiodental Fricative”, which is a technical term to describe the way that the “F” sound is produced by touching the upper teeth to the lower lip and blowing air through without using the voice. 
This sound almost always appears at the beginning of a word or after a prefix.
I will now give you some examples of Spanish words featuring the “F” and I would like you to repeat each word after me paying attention to the distinct “F” sound. If you would like to see the meaning of any words you are unsure of please see the lesson notes.
Listen and repeat:
Famoso: famous
Reformar: to reform, to change
Fábrica: factory
Feo: ugly
Fama: fame
Alfabeto: alphabet
Deformado: deformed
Alfil: bishop
Fornido: well-built
Afanoso: keen, eager
Firma: signature
Fantasma: ghost
Filete: steak
Fundación: foundation
Fino: fine
Josefina: female name “Josephine”
Estefanía: female name “Stephanie”
Flor: flower
Fragata: frigate
Frío: cold

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