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The Spanish “R” has two distinct pronunciations, one hard and one soft. In this lesson we are going to discuss the soft pronunciation of the Spanish “R” and in the next lesson I will explain the hard pronunciation which occurs when we have a single “R” that is located at the beginning of a word or after an “L”, “N” or “S”, or when the “R” is doubled.
The soft single Spanish “R” sounds much like the English “D” or the English “TT” heard in English words such as “little”. It is formed by hitting the tongue, with a single tap, against the front ridge at the top of the mouth. It should be noted that the exact pronunciation of the Spanish “R” does vary quite a lot depending on the region that the Spanish speaker is from.
I will now give you some examples of Spanish words featuring the soft “R” pronunciation and I would like you to repeat each word after me paying attention to the distinct “R” sound. If you would like to see the meaning of any words you are unsure of please see the lesson notes.

Listen and repeat:

Cuchara: spoon
Caro: expensive
Cara: face
Puro: pure
Pero: but
Para: for
Cero: zero
Grande: big
Trabajo: work
Triste: sad
Comer: to eat
Cantar: to sing
Contar: to count
Sonar: to sound
Hablar: to speak
Entender: to understand
Escribir: to write
Comprar: to buy
Leer: to read
Tomar: to take

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