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Fito y Fitipaldis

Fito y Fitipaldis is a band created in 1998 by Adolfo “Fito” Cabrales, from Bilbao in Vizcaya. When he started Fito y Fitipaldis he said that he wanted his new music to be nothing like that of his previous band Platero y Tú, formed in the 80s with AC/DC and Status Quo influences. The songs of Fito y Fitipaldis are extremely varied, ranging from rock and roll, through blues, soul and swing.
Adolfo “Fito” Cabrales has always been the lead singer and guitarist. Other band members include Javier Alzola who has played saxophone since the start in 1998, Joserra Semperena: Hammond and piano since 2001, Carlos Raya: electric guitar, slide and pedal steel since 2006, Alejandro “Boli” Climent: bass guitar since 2009 and Daniel Griffin: drums, also since 2009. Albums include: A puerta cerrada (1998), Los sueños locos (2001), Lo más lejos a tu lado (2003), Por la boca vive el pez (2006) and Antes de que cuente diez (2009).
The album “Por la boca vive el pez” was released on September 11th 2006 and propelled Fito y Fitipaldis to stardom. It got to number 1 in the charts, with more than 100,000 copies sold in less than two weeks. In addition, Fito y Fitipaldis became the first band in history to have their complete discography among the 100 best sellers in Spain. “Por la boca vive el pez” soon went platinum and the band was one of the biggest names in Spain. In October 2007 they received a diamond disc for selling more than a million records. Their fifth album “Antes de que cuente diez” was released in 2009 and went gold after only one week.


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