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Almería is one of the driest regions in Europe as well as one of the warmest with an average annual temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and 330 sunny days on average per year. During the winter the weather is still also fairly dry and daily temperatures are usually between 15-20°C. During the summer temperatures rarely drop below 30°C. Nightly temperatures during the summer are usually between 22-26°C.

One of its most popular draws is the “Cabo de Gata-Níjar” Natural Park. This park is of volcanic origin and is one of the largest and most ecologically significant marine-terrestrial spaces in Europe. It covers an area of 380 square kilometres with a truly wonderful coastline. It runs through not only Almería but also the municipal areas of Níjar and Carboneras. Its villages were previously dedicated to fishing, but have more recently become dedicated tourism spots for nature lovers.

Due to its dry climate and arid landscape, numerous spaghetti westerns have been filmed in Almería. Many of the classic Sergio Leone’s films were filmed there including “A fistful of dollars”, “For a few dollars more” and “The good the bad and the ugly”. Some of the sets are still there to see in the “Tabernas” desert. Almería was also used by David Lean in “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962).

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