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Various job titles and how to state your profession in Spanish.


¿Cuál es tu profesión?: What is your profession? (friendly)
¿Cuál es su profesión? What is your profession? (formal)
Soy…: I am…
panadero/a: baker
carnicero/a: butcher
carpintero/a: carpenter
cajero/a: cashier
cocinero/a: cook
camarero/a: waiter/waitress
médico/a: doctor
ingeniero/a: engineer
abogado/a: lawyer
mecánico/a: mechanic
enfermero/a: nurse
fontanero/a: plumber
secretario/a: secretary
director/+a: manager
profesor/+a: teacher
escritor/+a: writer
estudiante: student
estudiante de español: Spanish student
electricista: electrician
recepcionista: receptionist
policía: police officer


Translate this conversation to Spanish (friendly)…

-Hello! I am Silvia, and you?
-I am called John.
-Hello John! How old are you?
-I am 23.
-What is your profession?
-I am a Spanish student. And you?
-I am a teacher.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

27: veintisiete
91: noventa y uno
66: sesenta y seis
85: ochenta y cinco
36: treinta y seis
Quince: 15
Setenta y cinco: 75
Cuarenta y tres: 43
Ochenta y dos: 82
Veintiuno: 21

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