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5 fun and alternative ways of learning Spanish

You can get a helping hand with Spanish translation services and resources online, but if you’re not real big on text book learning, check out these five fun and alternative ways of learning Spanish...   Spanish is a fun language to learn. Beyond the fact that...

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Language learning app HelloTalk

We would like to introduce you to a great language learning app HelloTalk. HelloTalk is available for Android or iOS. HelloTalk enables you to connect with native speakers directly from your smartphone or tablet, quickly and simply. You can speak to them, send them...

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Differences between Canarian and Castilian Spanish

Just like any other country, individual regions in Spain each have their own idiosyncratic dialects, full of words, phrases and grammatical constructions that may make the regular non-native Castilian speaker think ‘what on earth….?’ Spain’s Canary Islands are no...

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